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About Us

      Vanessa has been a photographer for over 10 years and loves what she does! She is great with kids and will do anything she can to capture their true personalities shining through. She loves photographing at large events as well as being a part of capturing intimate moments.

      "I see beauty in all people, in all things. I really try to reveal what others are not aware is there through my photography. I like to capture emotions and freeze special moments." 

     "Photos are precious. They are wonderful memories and can even help us get through hard times. They are powerful and speak the truth. They are funny and can make us happy. They are like little treasures and make wonderful gifts. There are so many reasons why I love photography. I would love to photograph your next event or perhaps take some family photos or portraits."

- Vanessa King



      Sebastian is both a photographer and videographer. He also provides professional and commercial media through StellarScape Media, which is a branch off of The Stunning Swan Photography. Sebastian is very creative and provides a huge amount of energy and wisdom to our technical part of the business. 

"I love being creative at a session and bringing portraits and video to the next level. I like to allow the project to dictate what is captured behind the lens be it photo or video."

"There's never been a time in history where we can so accurately capture anything at a given moment. Media is a glimpse into the past that can allow reflection. I am honored to be able to document your special moments as well as bring forth stellar media for your next project or marketing campaign."

- Sebastian King

Our Mission

      To provide stunning and memorable photos for families and event planners, to reach out to clients of all needs and provide an amazing experience that everyone can enjoy. 

      It is also our mission to use our gifts to bless those in need in and be an active participant in our community. 

The Stunning Swan Photography

We specialize in lifestyle, family, small children and special needs/disabilities.
Our Mission is to provide stunning and memorable photos for families and event planners, to share our creativity and talents, and live our dream in God's blessing.
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