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I'm teaming up with my friend Olivia Wuelfing to organize a photo project that promotes self love! Please let us know if you would like to be a part of this project to not only show your self love, but to also help represent Salem as a positive and uplifting woman!

We need to get rid of all that negativity in our lives and many of you have done so by overcoming various things like Abuse, Cancer, Drugs, Bullying, Depression, Anxiety, Child Loss, Homelessness, Body image, Mental illness, Rape... the list goes on!

::::::::A permission release must be signed before photos are taken. you MUST be okay with these photos being shown in possible media, our website, and a publication that will be made once we get more info we will post. The release will be available for signature at the event!::::::::::


No Children Allowed, please feel free to contact with questions.


There is limited space but we hope to host another event next year for those who cannot make it to this one. 

Meet up spot is at Minto Brown park. We will be at the last parking area all the way to the left of the lot in the grass meadow.

2200 Minto Island Rd SW, Salem, OR 97302

WARDROBE is Black Bra/or Camisol and black panties/or sport shorts

:::please come fully dressed, there will be a changing room provided. You will be standing in line till it's your turn to photograph. Please bring a robe or towel till it is time to disrobe:::

We will be doing 3 photos

1. A photo of you with your information card.

2. A photo of you holding up a piece of paper that tells us what you love about yourself.

3. Self Portrait.

A group shot will be taken at the end! We hope you will stay to participate!


Vanessa King - Photographer The Stunning Swan Photography Sebastian King - Photographer The Stunning Swan Photography Benjamin Mah - Photographer Benma Photo

Olivia Wuelfing - Co Host

Tresha Capps - Volunteer from Pink Princess Cakes


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